Benefits of Guttering and Downpipe Installation

26 April 2017

It’s true, most property owners never consider their gutter system until they need too, which is often when water is overflowing from their gutter because of a clogged downpipe. While maintaining a home’s gutter and downpipe is important, there are times when these need to be repaired or replaced, or, an additional downpipe needs to be installed.

Why would you need to move or install another downpipe? Well, when gutters are installed, usually during a new home build, these may not be ideally meet a home’s needs, or the downpipe may not be positioned in the best location.

Keeping the walls and the ground around your property dry is a main concern – it is the very purpose of guttering and the downpipe. When a gutter system does fail to properly funnel rainwater away from a home, whether it is from improper installation of a downpipe, a damaged or clog gutter, then the foundation is at risk. However, proper guttering and downpipe installation and maintenance ensures that a home’s foundation is safe from water damage.

Benefits of Proper Guttering and Downpipe Installation

A new and properly installed guttering and downpipe will make sure that when you arrive home on a rainy day that there is no pool of water to greet you, either on your porch or around your home. Oftentimes property owners change their landscape, add a driveway, fence or other structure near to their home, not taking into consideration how the rainwater from the roof will funnel through the downpipe, only to discover water pooling in an unexpected area.

Areas around the home, usually the garden, can get swamped with a stream of unexpected water that can pool near the property’s foundation, and even reach basement walls, which can cause flooding. When that happens, cleanup and water damage can be expensive, not to mention a risk to a home foundation.

Having your gutter and downpipe inspected regularly is the best way to keep your home safe, by making sure water is draining as it should. Also, roofing experts, such as All Safe Roofing, can repair, replace, or install guttering and an extra downpipe if needed, making sure rainwater from your roof drains away from your home as it should.

Avoid expensive repair bills, contact All Safe Roofing and have your guttering and downpipe inspected today, or inquire about our other roofing services, we are happy to answer any question you may have.

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