Benefits of Using Zincalume Roof Sheets for Your Roof

14 February 2018

First of all, before talking about uses in the roofing industry, what is Zincalume? Saunter over to the internet to learn all about this extraordinary alloy or just stick with us for another minute. We’ll describe the roof sheeting metal in some detail. For starters, this is a corrosion-resistant alloy, a material that won’t rust. That’s a good opener. What else does this roofing material have to offer?

Structural Durability

Roofing panels must be tough, that just stands to reason, right? The robust material, manufactured in panels, can’t sag or warp. If the metal does suffer from this degree of fabricator-interred deformability, it’s not meant to be used as part of a roof. No, these uppermost alloy strips can’t bow under the weight of snow or heavy rain. Imagine the leaks, the reduced lifespan, and overall substandard appeal of a metal shed if its roof used such a malleable metal. Requirement number one, therefore, means that Zincalume roof sheets must be rigid.

A Longer Material Lifespan

Returning to the corrosion-resistance issue, roof sheets typically arrive with a predetermined life, a period of functionality that dies when the metal oxidizes. What’s really needed, when a robust shed or warehouse is going up, is a roofing alloy that won’t corrode. Zincalume is the answer. This metal features a zinc, aluminium, and silicon base, an alloy-strengthened surface that’s four times more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel. Built to endure when the weather turns harsh, hail bounces harmlessly off of this alloy while rain sluices away without causing any material oxidization.

Aluminium Benefits

All the benefits without any of the drawbacks, this aluminium alloy is stronger than galvanized steel. It also retains the lightweight features that make this metal so popular in the aeronautics industry, which means it provides plenty of structural strength but doesn’t weigh heavily upon the underlying walls of that building. Additionally, aluminium alloys can be painted, machined and formed easily, and they’re not priced to break a buyer’s budget. In other words, the aforementioned toughness and weather-resistance features are accompanied by a pleasing low-cost price tag.

Arguably, the roofing sheets used in a new shed, warehouse, or other structure are the most important parts of the project. That roof stops the rain, the hail, and all other harsh weather. It should be lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to shape into any conceivable form. Zincalume is that ideal alloy. Lighter than galvanized steel and sure to last longer than that costly alloy, this zinc/aluminium blend is coated with a weather defeating finish, an overlay that’s paintable and mark resistant.

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