Commercial and Industrial Leaking Roofs Must Not Be Taken for Granted

10 April 2017

Unlike residential buildings, commercial and industrial roofs come in all shapes and sizes, and there are even open warehouse and storage structures too that are very similar in design to a typical car garage, but much larger. While leaks in a residential roof are a major concern for home owners, commercial and industrial leaking roofs must not be taken for granted either, for obvious reasons.

Preventing Leaks in Commercial and Industrial Roofs

Water will find its way into a metal roofing through even the smallest holes and cracks caused by physical damage or corrosion. Basically, once it gets under a roof, water has the potential to cause damage to just about anything it comes into contact with, and if leaks go unnoticed, mold and mildew will develop which can create a health hazard. The best way to stop leaks in commercial and industrial buildings is simple – by preventing them from starting in the first place, this is done by having an industrial or commercial roof inspection conducted.

It is advised not to wait for a simple leak to occur before scheduling a commercial or industrial roof inspection, then its too late. In fact, there is no such thing as a “simple” leak in the roofing industry, even though a little water may be discovered dripping from a roof, the cause may be anything but little. Basically, any leak in a roof is serious, and locating the cause of the leak should be a top priority before any major water damage is done.

When was the last time the roof of your commercial or industrial building was inspected? If you are unsure, or, the roof covering you commercial building has never been inspected, then it may be at risk, as well as everything underneath it. Honestly, property owners who have little or no knowledge about roofing may not realise how a simple leak can cause so much water damage, but the truth is that water damage caused by even a small leak can run into the thousands of dollars in repairs.

Thankfully, All Safe Roofing – industrial and commercial metal roofing experts, offers commercial and industrial roof inspections, roof raising, roof removal, Color Bond roofing sheets, asbestos roofing removal, and asbestos audit. So, if you have any problem with your metal roofing, our expert roofers are available to identify and repair any damage or leaks.

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