Corrugated Metal Roofs as a Viable Option for Homes

24 March 2017

Corrugated metal roofs are nothing new, in fact, these have been around for well over a hundred years protecting all types of structures in agricultural, industrial, and commercial industries, as well as residential buildings. While some people may recall visions of an old barn or farm house, when mentioning U-shaped steel roof paneling, today’s modern corrugated metal roofing is not like those earlier days, when corrugated metal panels were just painted, non-coated, bare steel sheets.

Those days are gone, when the bad reputation and perception of low-quality, non-coated steel roofing, riddled with corrosion and pealing old paint. Today, corrugated steel roofing is hardier, specially coated, and ideal for use on commercial, industrial, and residential properties, for many reasons.

A Corrugated Metal Roof Is a Viable Option for Your Home

If you are considering a roofing material for your home, then you mustn’t overlook the viability of corrugated metal roofs made from galvanized steel, and specially coated and bonded with a Colorbond paint finish. Galvanized corrugated metal roofing, with Colorbond coating, is not only corrosion resistant, but aesthetically appealing and can match any home’s exterior design theme. There are many standard colours available to choose from for your new steel roof, and the colours will not fade over the course of the standard 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Corrugated metal roofing is also a viable option for homeowners because it is affordable compared to other roofing materials, and, the maintenance requirements are minimal. Not only that, but metal panels are also energy efficient, which save property owners money off heating and cooling their homes.

There are other benefits that Colorbond corrugated metal roofs offer, here are a few below:

  • It can be used on any shape or kind of building.
  • Installation time is less than half of other roofing types, typically taking a few hours or days, which saves home owners money off labour costs.
  • Requires little maintenance and there is no need to repaint it as years pass.
  • Corrugated metal roofing on car ports and garages can effortlessly match your home’s roof.
  • Best used in geographical areas where it regularly rains, as it prevents moisture related damage by allowing ample ventilation.
  • If roofing sheets become damaged, they are easily replaced or repaired.

Corrugated metal roofing is a viable option for a home, if it is installed correctly, by metal roofing experts at All Safe Roofing – a roofing company specialising in the installation of Colorbond metal roofs and the removal of asbestos roofing.

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