Environmental Benefits of Metal Roofing

23 July 2017

Since companies have a greater understanding of their impact on the environment today, they are now searching for eco-friendly elements to add to their buildings. The fact that metal roofing is among these elements surprises many property owners until they install it on their own structures. Once you read our information here, this fact will not shock you at all.

Metal Roofs Are Long Lasting

While roofs that contain asphalt shingles only last for about 15 to 23 years, metal ones will last 60 years or longer. This means that you will not need to replace your roof as often during the lifespan of your building, and as a result, reduce the demand for new roofing materials to be manufactured. A reduction of this demand lowers the use of raw materials and energy, which is beneficial to the environment.

Roofs of Metal Provide Energy Efficiency

One reason that metal roofs are highly energy efficient is their ability to reflect UV rays away from the building. By doing so, they reduce the heat accumulation in the attic or top floor, and this helps the structure cool more easily when necessary. Typically, professionals apply a special coating on the metal roofs to enhance this reflectivity up to 66 percent and even higher. These roofs also have high insulative qualities to keep the heat in the building during the cold winter months.

Metal in the Roofing Is from Recycled Materials

The majority of manufacturers of metal roofing include 25-percent to 98-percent recycled scrap metal into their finished products today. Making use of this scrap metal reduces how much raw materials that the manufacturers require for the production of their products. Raw materials for metal require mining, milling and other processes that increase the use of precious natural resources, which are not always renewable.

The Materials in These Roofs Are Recyclable

Along with containing recycled materials, the contents of these roofs are up to 100-percent recyclable. Fewer metal scraps in landfills reduce waste and the pollution of the environment as the metal decomposes.

Metal Roofs Also Are Compatible with Certain Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

Another eco-friendly benefit of metal roofing is that it is compatible with certain models of photovoltaic solar energy systems. Installing both on your building is a win-win situation to reduce your power bills.

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