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Factory Warehouse Roofing: Why Strength of Materials Matter?

August 27, 2018

No matter what industry your business operates in, it is important to have a facility that is strong, secure, and able to withstand the elements. The most overlooked part of your warehouse, ironically, is likely to be the roof. When our roof fails us, the ensuing damage can hit us quite hard both financially and physically. For that reason, it is important to make sure that we are equipping our warehouses with the top quality roofing materials available to us. Today, we are going to look at different roofing materials while focusing on the importance of their strength.

Importance of Strong Metal Roofing Materials

As we've spoken of extensively before, we believe in the power of strong, high-quality roofing materials here at All Safe Roofing. We endeavour to provide our potential customers with the information that they need in order to make the right purchase for their business. Today, as we highlighted above, we are going to be discussing the importance of buying high-quality, durable roofing materials for warehouse usage. Let's briefly look at a few of the most common types of strong metal roofing materials:

  1. Steel - Steel is the mainstay of our metal roofing options. Steel is incredibly durable and more affordable than the other two options on our list. Traditionally, steel is known for being strong and capable of weathering the elements while requiring minimum amounts of maintenance.
  2. Aluminium - Aluminium is ideal for coastal climates due to the natural resistance that the metal has to corrosion from salt. Ostensibly weaker than steel, this is still a strong and durable choice.
  3. Zincalume - Finally, we have zinc roofing. Zinc is durable but expensive. Zinc has a patina that allows it to stay durable for over 100 total years!

Now that we know a few of the stronger factory warehouse roofing materials, we can talk a little more about the importance of their durability. While the term 'strength' almost always seems to imply a positive trait, that isn't the case. Still, in roofing, you want to have a strong material when you decide to start building. Here are the obvious reasons as to why:

  1. Longevity - With strong roofing materials, such as steel or copper, you are getting a roof that will last for decades.
  2. Weatherproof - This is especially important for our region. Being able to withstand tough weather is of the utmost importance. You never know when severe weather will potentially damage your roof.
  3. Financials - Finally, strong roofs don't require as much upkeep or emergency repair work. Not having to constantly work on your roof means that you will be saving money, big-time.

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