Industrial Roofing: Why Metal Roofing is The Best Option

21 May 2018

The importance of industrial roofing can’t be overemphasized because it is relied on to protect all the machinery, stocks, products, and various materials stored underneath it. This is why choosing the best type of roofing material for industrial properties is so important because it needs to be durable, long-lasting, low maintenance, and affordably installed.

One of the main aspects of owning industrial property is the maintenance of roofing, it is a main aspect that is commonly overlooked, understandably because of the attention required to keep a successful operation running.

Metal Roofing the Best Option for Industrial Roofs

What is metal roofing, and why is it the best option for industrial roofs? That is a good question. Consisting of steel sheets that are coated with either aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, or specialised epoxy type paints, metal roofing is the ideal choice for commercial and industrial properties today, for many reasons. Specialised coating imbues steel roof sheeting with beneficial properties, giving it anti-rust, waterproofing, and UV protection.

Unlike decades ago, when bare metal roofing had a negative reputation, today, quality Colorbond coated, corrugated metal roofing is now the best choice for both industrial and commercial roofs, as it offers many benefits, a few are mentioned here:

Affordable roofing option – while quality roofing material is important for industrial buildings and structures, from a business perspective, affordability is definitely a plus. Compared to other types of roofing, corrugated roofs are fast and easy to install, which saves money, thus making them a more affordable choice.

Low-maintenance – with the exception of an annual roof inspection, and depending on the location of the building, Colorbond metal roofing needs little to no maintenance and will not rust or degrade over time.

Superior durability – quality corrugated metal roofing with Colorbond coating is strong and corrosion resistant, and can weather strong winds, heavy rains, extreme heat, and severe cold temperatures. If metal roof sheets do become damaged, repairs and replacement is quick and affordable.

Longevity and lightweight nature – for industrial properties, roofing material that is long-lasting and lightweight as metal roofing is what makes it the best choice. Compared to other roof types, corrugated roofing is not only much lighter, but also more aesthetically appealing, as Colorbond has many different colour choices available.

For more information about the benefits of corrugated metal roofing, contact industrial and commercial roofing experts at All Safe Roofing. We specialise in industrial and commercial roof inspections, metal roof installation and repair, roof removal, asbestos roof removal, and asbestos auditing.

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