On Roof Restoration: Why is Rust Proofing Not Enough for Industrial Roofs?

18 July 2019

If you own or maintain an industrial building, you are likely well aware of the effort that you must expend. As such, you know how devastating it can be to hear that your industrial roof is beginning to develop rust. At this point in time, you are probably looking for solutions. One of the first solutions that you will look to is that of rust proofing. While rust roofing can be a benefit to your industrial roof, it can’t solve all of your problems on its own. Today, you will learn how to use rust proofing as part of a multi-pronged effort to keep your roof free of rust and degradation.

Rust Proofing and Roof Restoration Tips

Maintaining your industrial roof should always be a priority. No matter what you have going on in the building below, your roof can dramatically impact the operations inside of your facility. A rusted metal roof can lead to leaks, mould, and potentially dangerous working conditions. For that reason, many people opt to have their roof sealed with rust proofing chemicals. While this is a great way to start your roof maintenance plan, it can actually be a poor solution to an already rusted roof. Let’s look at how you should approach the task of restoring your industrial roof, outside of just rust proofing.

1) Routine Maintenance – The best way to limit the extent of damage that rusting can cause is by scheduling routine maintenance. If you are already dealing with rust, you’ll want to have a thorough understanding of the extent of the problem. Routine maintenance services can help you to limit small problems from growing while simultaneously addressing larger issues.

2) Rusted Roof Inspection – If you have an industrial roof that has extensive rusting, you might need to pursue real roof restoration services. Unfortunately, if your roof is dotted with too much rust, you won’t be able to wash away the issue with rust proofing material. In the event that rust has spread too far for a simple solution, consider having a professional roofer come to your building for an inspection. After their inspection, they will be able to advocate for replacing or repairing your roof.

3) Rust Removal – If you have fairly limited rust on your roof, you can have it removed via rust removal chemical solutions. While this sounds like an easy task, you should still have a professional roofer handle the work. Minimal rust can be taken care of with relative ease.

No matter the quality of your industrial roof, you need to be proactive with how you approach the surface. Consider calling All Safe Roofing for a roofing inspection, today!

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