Proper Metal Roofing Installation to Maximise Roof Performance

31 July 2020

Property owners who want to boost the value of their properties tend to update their existing roof. Others, on the other hand, replace their roof just to maximise the performance of the said part. One aspect that helps one’s roof to becomes functional and efficient is its material. A great roofing material helps provide the preferred style, functionality, and value of a specific property.

To date, there are numerous roofing material options that most property owners turn to. Some of these roofing materials include asphalt, clay and concrete, slate, wood shingles, and synthetic roofing. While all these materials have great qualities, one material that stands out among the rest is metal. Metal roofing has specific qualities that make them popular.

Qualities of Metal Roofing

One of the best qualities of metal roofing is its long service life. Its lifespan typically reaches a minimum of 60 years, which can be attributed to the metal roofing’s proven durability and endurance. The materials used for producing metal roofing, which may be aluminium, copper, stainless steel, or zinc, are mostly resistant to fire and wind. These metal materials can also prevent any leakage from air and water, which ultimately helps maintain the durability of the roof.

Another outstanding quality of metal roofing is its sustainability. Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing is known for being one of the most recycled materials in the world. Believe it or not, metal roofing is mostly made from recycled metal that can still provide excellent appearance, boosted energy efficiency, high solar reflectance, and many more. And after a long time of use, any metal roofing can be recycled again and reused for producing new metal products.

So far, the only downside of metal roofing is its high price. Because of its premium qualities, stores tend to sell them at a higher price compared to other roofing materials. Nevertheless, the exclusive properties of metal roofing somehow justify their expensive costs.

Metal Roofing Installation

The installation of metal roofing can be done by those who have adequate knowledge about roof installations. The first step in installing metal roofing is to remove any old shingles. To establish a new stable waterproof base, you must apply and spread a tar paper or the insulation layer over the wood structure of the roof. Once the tar paper is installed correctly, you must now place the metal edging around your roof’s perimeter by using appropriate nails.

Installing metal roofing must start with one side of the property. A metal sheet must be screwed into the wood of the roof and must get through the previously installed tar paper. The subsequent metal sheets must overlap the first layer of sheets. Repeat the entire process on all parts of the roof. Afterward, the metal trims or flashing along the edges and at the top peak of the roof must be placed, bent into V-shape, and screwed over the roof’s ridge. All metal trims and bottom sheets must be screwed down tightly.

Doing all these steps correctly can help maximise the performance and qualities of metal roofing. However, if you do not know how to install them yourself, then you must look for a contractor that can do this for your property. Find a contractor that has enough experience and knowledge about metal roofing in general, its installation, and other associated services. The contractor must also have licenses, training certificates, and insurances so that they can be held liable for any possible damages or issues. If you need help with metal roofing installation, just contact us at All Safe Roofing.

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