Roof Leaking Audit: Benefits of Proper Scheduling for Maintenance Purposes

25 June 2018

A professional roof leaking audit, conducted by a licensed roofing company, is designed to provide property owners with complete details about the condition of their roof. A roof audit includes an inspection to discover any problems in roofs that could cause leaking, with visual photos taken to help make recommendations and to forecast and elude any future problems.

Here is a breakdown of what is involved in a leaking roof audit:

An onsite visual inspection – professional roofers will thoroughly examine all aspects of a roof to determine its overall health, and will take a series of photos for documentation purposes. Photos that contain any issues of concern are then shown to the property owner. With the aid of inspection photos, professional roofers can predict any problems before they happen, and can take necessary steps to rectify them.

Repair and maintenance recommendations – from experience and with the aid of each photo taken, professional roofing inspectors can formulate a plan of action to take to resolve any problems in your roof.

Priorities are determined – as per repair and maintenance recommendations, a roofing audit will stipulate priorities of work that should be done over a period of time, starting with immediate concerns, and then to work needed within the next few weeks or months.

A leaking roof audit is a vital tool, one that provides evidence that there are benefits from proper scheduling of roof maintenance as an effective means to prevent major roof repairs or roof replacement prematurely. In most cases, only a small expenditure spent on scheduling a roof audit and roof maintenance tasks can save property owners a lot of money.

Roof Audits and the Benefits of Proper Scheduling Roof Maintenance and Repairs

It is easy to forget how important your roof is when nothing seems wrong with it, but an unseen leak in your roof that can be relatively cheap to repair can develop into a very expensive problem to fix, one that can pose a serious risk to your home. That is why roofing professionals recommend home owners to regularly schedule a roof leaking audit, to help protect the interior of your house from water damage.

If inspected regularly by a qualified roofing professional, roof audits and the proper scheduling of roof maintenance and repairs can ensure that your roof will have a long lifespan. If you feel that your roof needs a professional inspection, don’t hesitate to schedule a roof leaking audit at All Safe Roofing, we will make sure that your roof gets the care it needs.

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