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Roof Raising and Lifting Services in Sydney

December 1, 2017

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Buying a home or maintaining a piece of commercial real estate can be a headache. That headache can be compounded by tough decisions when it comes to the state of your roof. Whether you need to install new roofing tiles or even raise the entire roof, you are going to need a professional company to help you out. The roof, much like your foundation, isn't something that should be dealt with on a DIY basis -- and certainly not through an unlicensed handyman! Today, we at All Safe Roofing are going to guide you through the process of roof raising and detail how this service can help extend the viability of your business. Let's get right down to it!

What is roof raising and lifting?

If you are reading this blog, then the odds are good that you own a piece of commercial property. Roof raising, or roof lifting, is a service most commonly provided to commercial real estate owners who find that they need to create more space out of their current property. With roof raising, a professional contracting team, like us here at All Safe Roofing, will come in and use advanced mechanics and techniques in order to literally raise your roof into the air, thus allowing for an extension of your building. While this sounds like a concept pulled straight out of the game 'Minecraft', it is nothing but the truth. If you are a Sydney-based commercial property owner in need of some space-saving solutions, we are the people you would call.

What are the benefits of roof raising?

Roof raising is most commonly done for large warehouses or commercial properties with lower ceilings. If your company is contemplating a roof raising service then the odds are good that you don't have enough space. With roof raising, you can create vertical space in order to give you more room for your operation. Consider your warehouse and how effective it might be with an additional 25 feet of upward space. Let's look at a few specific benefits that can be found with roof raising services.

1. Convenience - Paramount on our list of priorities is your convenience. Roof raising, while wide in scope, is not invasive and allows for the quickest turnaround on your project.

2. Extra Space - Obviously, your goal is to have more space and roof raising is a way to make it happen. Increase the footprint of your building by crafting up toward the sky.

3. Efficiency - When you build upward, adding on to your old construction, you get to avoid many of the bureaucratic paperwork that is designed to cost you money. You minimise your disruption, minimise new tax obligations, and avoid having to deal with zoning permits.

For enquiries and assistance in roof raising and lifting and other roofing services, please feel free to contact us or call us at 0400 048 540.

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