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Roofing Materials Utilised for Commercial Metal Roofing Purposes

December 12, 2018

Whether you own a massive warehouse or a small commercial building, you have to ensure that your property is taken care of and prepared for years of use. While we spend plenty of time making sure that the interior of our buildings are clean and organised, as well as structurally sound, we often let the roof of our buildings go ignored until an issue presents itself. Today, we are going to be discussing one of the hottest new trends in commercial building design: metal roofs. Metal roofing is a complicated topic that deserves to be expounded upon. Our goal today will be to highlight several of the most common and effective metal roofing materials available today.

Quality Metal Roofing Materials

The design of your roof has a larger impact on the performance of your building than you might realise. While we typically only care about our roofs when a leak is present or a renovation is required, we'd be better off doing the work needed to address issues before they manifest. The easiest way to make sure that your roof stays in great shape is by installing a quality metal roof. Metal roofing materials are varied based on the type of metal that you decide to utilise. Each metal type offers its own array of benefits, so let's highlight a few of the top options below.

1) Steel - The most common metal roofing material around. Steel comes in a variety of sub-categories including Galvanized, Galvalume, and Zincalume. Steel roofing is commonly coated with a special finish before being coloured. Steel is ideal where performance and functionality are valued.

2) Aluminium - Despite its reputation for being a cheaper material, aluminium is an ideal metal roofing material. Aluminium is flexible, lightweight, easy to install and durable. Metal fabricators love working with aluminium due to how viable the metal is when being worked with. Aluminium sports superior corrosion resistance in comparison to steel and thus is ideal for wet climates.

3) Zinc - Zinc is a beautiful natural metal that can be found in the roofs of commercial properties all around the country. Zinc is ideal from an aesthetic perspective due to its natural appearance. Zinc is also easy to work which makes it a favourite of metal fabrication teams. Zinc does have a problematic chalking effect and it is less durable than the two prior metals on our list.

At All Safe Roofing, our priority is providing you with a quality commercial roof that you can depend on. With years of industry experience and a business philosophy focused on professionalism, problem-solving and honesty -- we are always ready to help.

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