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Should You Add Insulation to Metal Roofs?

December 7, 2017


Whether you are running your air conditioner or furnace, having a leaky roof can be incredibly damaging to your energy efficiency and consumption. There are many ways to combat energy loss, especially in the winter, and the majority of these solutions start with addressing your roof. Today our focus is going to be on metal roofs in particular and how the addition of insulation can make a big difference on not just your comfort but your energy bill as well.

Can You Insulate a Metal Roof

Whether you own a massive warehouse or a small little retail spot, having a roof that constantly leaks can quickly become a headache. Here at All Safe Roofing, we believe in the power of metal roofing for a variety of different building solutions. However, one question we routinely get asked is this: Should you insulate your metal roofing? It stands to reason that most people don't consider insulation when installing metal roofing and that is why we are here to explain the process and the benefits.

When it comes to insulating a metal roof, there are a few conditions and concepts that you should first be aware of. Studies show that metal roofs and synthetic vapor barrier insulation do not mix, at all. That is why we highly advise customers with metal roofs to avoid using this material when opting to insulate their building. The reason is that this type of insulation will end up trapping moisture before causing rotting. A rotting roof is obviously nobody's idea of a good time and it can end up being quite the expensive repair job. So what does this mean for the future of your insulation services?

Process of Metal Roofing Insulation

In order to properly insulate a metal roof, you are going to want to pay attention to several important factors. Most of all, you are going to want to ensure that your metal roof has a proper breathable ventilation system installed. With this system installed you can prevent the build-up of moisture that will eventually seep into your insulation. A proper ventilation system is a cornerstone of a well-maintained roof. Once that is completed, there is a simple process that includes special foam and paper liner in order to get your metal roof properly installed with insulation. Contact us today to see the best options for your metal roofing needs.

The benefits of insulating your metal roof are simple and effective. Not only will this insulation help you to keep your hot air in and the cold air out, it will also help to dampen noise. While insulation isn't a proper acoustic treatment material, it still goes a long way toward aiding the sound levels in your building.

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