The Impact of Leaky Gutters and Pipes to Your Home and Budget

04 July 2019

If you have leaking pipes or gutters, you probably know that something is wrong. While a little leak may seem like a minor issue, particularly when associated with your gutters, the truth is that problems can quickly begin to manifest. A leak is a sign that something is wrong. if you value your property, you’ll make sure to address the issue sooner than later. Today, we are going to take a stroll through all of the problems that can manifest as a result of simple leaky gutters and pipes. If you need the motivation to fix a nagging leak, you’ve come to the right place.

How Leaking Pipes & Gutters Harms Your Budget

Do you have a leaking gutter at home? Have you noticed the tell-tale ‘drip, drip’ of a leak that refuses to fix itself? If so, you’re likely looking at a ticking time bomb. Of course, a minor leak isn’t going to become a disaster overnight, but that leak will eventually trend toward home mayhem. Leaks in your gutters and piping can do a significant amount of damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. Along the way, these leaks can turn a small problem into financial devastation. Here are a few different ways that leaks can impact your gutters and pipes.

1) Roof Damage – While a leaking gutter may not seem like a roof problem, it really is. Leaks travel down the path of least resistance. Sometimes, the leak will follow that path straight to your roof. Pooling water can lead to wood rot, roof damage, and the slow degradation of your property. Did we mention that roof damage looks bad?

2) Falling Gutters – Given enough time, a small leak will become large enough to actually break through your gutter. Your gutter could eventually wear down enough to fall straight off of your property. We do not need to detail why a falling gutter is a bad thing.

3) Water Damage – Let’s say that you have a small leak inside of your home. Maybe you have a leak coming from your water intake. Maybe you have a leak from the pipes behind your sink. In any event, leaking pipes inside of your home can lead to severe water damage up to and including mold, rot, and absolute deterioration.

4) Rotted Decks – Let’s jump back outside. Your leaking gutter can eventually work its way to your deck. If you have a wooden deck or porch, a slow leak can cause it to degrade.

Taking care of your property is a tough task. Addressing minor leaks in your pipes and gutters is, fortunately, relatively simple. If you have a leak problem, contact a professional to have the issue repaired.

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