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Why Is It Not Advisable to Do A DIY Job in Roofing Installation?

December 12, 2016


Are you seriously considering installing a metal roof on your home, by doing it yourself? You are not alone in your desire to protect your home with a new roof, however, roofing is a tedious and labour intense work that requires not only specialised tools, but more importantly the training and experience to do it correctly.

The number one reason why a DIY roofing installation is not advised is simple, mistakes happen, and when they do, a DIY roofing job can turn into a financial nightmare. That is because water damage can wreak havoc once it penetrates even the smallest gaps in a roof, and when water seeps between the inner walls of a home it can easily reach into the thousands of dollars to repair, including the cost to repair the roof.

Simply put, it isn’t worth taking the risk of possibly lowering a home’s value by attempting a DIY roof installation, even if one does have all the tools. Basically, without any training or experience in roofing, it is not advised.

DIY Roofing Installation is not Advisable

There are many reasons why DIY roofing installation is not advisable, especially if a person does not fully understand all the risks involved if mistakes are made. While metal roofing is easier to install than other roofing materials, basic roofing preparations are the same, and that includes properly measuring the roof area precisely.

Measuring and cutting metal panels exactly is where most DIY projects go wrong, especially when it comes to ridge caps, and the need to splice panels. In this regard, roofing material and time gets wasted, and that adds up to money lost. Besides, the risks of wasting time, materials, and mistakes that can lead to water damage from a leaking roof, there are hidden dangers even before starting a DIY metal roofing project – that is removing the old roof.

Dangers of Removing Asbestos Roofs

Roofing is tough work, especially when it comes to removing an old roof. Old roofing can pose a health hazard when these are removed that most homeowner are unaware about. Sadly, those who don’t conduct an asbestos roof audit, to discover if asbestos material is present, put themselves and their family and risk by releasing asbestos fibres into the air when removing their old roof.

With all that said, hiring a professional roofing company is advised. Not only will property owners be spared potential injuries, mistakes, risks, time and money, but they can rest easier knowing that a professionally installed metal roof will increase their home’s property value.

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