Why Metal Gutters and Downpipes Perform Better than Plastic

20 August 2020

There will certainly be a time where a property owner would not want to experience long rainy days due to the condition of their roofing. While their roofing tiles or panels are still intact, two other elements of their roofing may have already been damaged. These elements would be the gutters and downpipes.

Gutters and downpipes must be both in good condition since they serve as a pathway for rainwater and to go down smoothly from the roof and to either eliminate them or use them again. The presence of these components can easily prevent the foundation from getting compromised, avoid any occurrence of soil erosion, and stop the water from damaging the walls and other crucial parts of the property.

Two materials that are always considered in making gutters and downpipes are metal and plastic. However, as years pass by, many contractors would agree that metal gutters and downpipes truly perform better than plastic due to the following reasons:

They Can Resist Ultraviolet Light Exposure

Metal gutters and downpipes are more recommended than their plastic counterpart since they can easily withstand the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure and its associated heat. Plastic gutters and downpipes tend to become brittle when they are exposed to UV light. The rubber seals and brackets that are attached to them also weaken because of the said light. But for metal gutters and downpipes, all these damaging effects are easily prevented since they do not easily expand under intense heat.

They Can Withstand Corrosive Elements

Before, metal materials are believed to be weak against corrosive elements. However, thanks to various technological advancements, almost all metal materials that are being used for gutters and downpipes can now withstand corrosion and other forms of deterioration. Metal materials like copper, aluminium, and stainless steel are now being utilised in producing gutters and downpipes, which ensures better tolerance to destructive elements than what their plastic counterpart would have and possess.

They Can Be Easily Installed and Maintained

Gutters and downpipes that are made from metal can be easily installed since they do not require special professional tools. They now usually come in seals that are easy to attach to fittings through the help of common drills, pliers, or any other similar tool. And as for their upkeep, they can be easily cleaned through wiping them down with a damp cloth and clearing any leaves, twigs, and other debris that may be blocking their way. They can also be unassembled easily if you intend to change some parts.

They Can Last for a Long Amount of Time

The changes in the overall design of modern metal gutters and downpipes allow them to last for a long amount of time compared to those that are designed before. Most metal gutters and downpipes today now enjoy the benefits of seamless technology, which effectively refrains their joints from breaking down and splitting. The chances of their screws and bolts getting eroded or snapped are also reduced significantly, making them much long-lasting than their plastic counterparts.

Metal gutters and downpipes tend to perform better than plastic since they can easily withstand destructive elements from their surroundings. Their installation and maintenance are also much easier compared to plastic gutters and downpipes. Ultimately, they are designed to last for a long time.

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