Industrial & Commercial Reroofing

This generally entails the replacement of an existing roof.

A large percentage of all commercial/industrial roofing involves installing a new roof on an existing building. This involves several ways of going about re-roofing as it involves experts and a professional roofing company to get results.

The process of specifying and installing a roofing system in a re-roofing application can be more complex than that of specifying and installing a new roof.

In re-roofing a commercial or industrial building; the design and installation team has to consider not only the new roofing system, but also the old roofing system and any constraints imposed by the existing building.

Re-roofing can be problematic; hence before embarking on a comprehensive re-roofing a preliminary evaluation is needed the more likely it will be to achieve a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to the problem in which failure to conduct a meaningful and accurate evaluation can result in selecting a course of action which is inappropriate for that project, and may actually add to the problem rather than solve it.



If the roof is reaching the end of its use by date, or if extensive damage has occurred due to long-term negligence, a new roof might be the only feasible option, due to factors such as weathering or wear-related deterioration. This help decides whether the roof should be brought up to par by either recovering or by replacing the old system. After defining the extent of the problem, then it can be concluded if a new roof is necessary.

“There comes a time in the life of a roof on every permanent structure when it is no longer practical or economical to effect repairs, and when that time comes, re-roofing is the only solution.”

Meanwhile the selection of an appropriate new roof system depends upon many factors. In new construction, it is possible to design a roof system by gathering data from drawings, engineering calculations and specifications for related components. When re-roofing, however, the new roofing system must fit the existing structure and conditions. In re-roofing the course of action may be determined upon different choices which are:

Complete tear off and replacement:

The complete removal of the old roof system is always the best and safest option. In this way, all questionable materials are eliminated. There is no possibility of inadvertently leaving any deteriorated insulation in the new system to avoid further leak problems.

Partial replacement

Partial replacement normally entails removing an existing membrane and any damaged insulation and installing new insulation and a new membrane then replacing in part.

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